How to do SEO for Drupal site

There are few modules which helps you with basic SEO for your DRUPAL website.

1. XML Sitemap

Very useful module which give you ability create xml sitemap you can download here >>

In section "SETTINGS" you can specify which content types, taxonomy terms it should include.

You can also autosubmit this sitemap to Google in section "SEARCH ENGINES".

Drupal Seo - XML Sitemap


2. Metatag

In your codebehind should be also included metatags: keywords, title, abstract and so on.

Module Metatag which you can download here >> give you this option.

If you have enabled this module go to administration section:

Drupal Seo - METATAG

I'm usually overide "Global" where I feel my defaults if no metatag are specified. For particular content types you can see also "Edit" link which indicate that this option is overriden also.

For some reason sometimes I don't see my metatags on front page when I have custom Drupal theme. That's why you can see that this option is "Disabled". Than into my page.tpl.php include this code which will add metatags on front page also.

<?php if($is_front): ?>

  <?php print render($page['content']['metatags']); ?> 

<?php endif; ?>

For nodes you can also add custom adtional metatags as is described on picture below:

Metatag - SEO for Drupal site


3. Google Analytics

Download link for this module is here >>

You need to create Google account and on this site you will recieve code starting with "UA-"

You need to put it into configuration section of Drupal Google Analytics Module:

Drupal Google Analytics

This module is for tracking trafic on your Drupal site and it gives you statistic how many users new/returning visit your Drupal website.


4. Clean URLs - PATHAUTO & TOKEN Modules

You can download PATHAUTO module here >>

TOKEN module here >>

For content types, taxonomy terms,... you can set patterns which will be used for creating clean url. Usually is used [node:title] pattern, but there are more replacment which you can use:

Clean URLs - Pathauto & Token

Then your path should looks like:

At least these 4 modules we are using for every single website. If you want improve SEO for your Drupal site check also others modules:

  • Drupal SEO Tools - very complex module. With this module are many others modules recomended
  • Site verification - verify your site for search engines such Google,...
  • Taxonomy Title -  if you are using Taxonomy module you can use this module for Titles
  • Content Optimizer -  this module tell you how frequently your keywords are used on your site 
  • Global Redirect - fix 2 paths internal and path created with PATHAUTO pointed to the same page


Except of Drupal Modules you need to do "Backlinks" !!!

You can leave only Google track your site but its much better if you propagate your site on others page, catalogs if you have for example eshop.

Be aware to pay for example 15$ to anyone who will add your site for example to 10 000 sites.

There are good backlinks and bad backlinks. Very good is if your site is added on site with similar content. Very good is when site where you're adding link to your site has bigger pagerank. 

Add on links on your site attribute rel="nofollow", because if many links from your site are linked to others, your pagerank is going down.


Your content need to be updated !!!

This means that if on your Drupal site is no activity your site is dead. Good approach is blog, articles and dynamic blocks.

Keep in mind that Google needs words. Not only pictures, videos and so on. Of course that on your picture,... you can add aditional attributes "title" where you can add text but don't forget once at week/once at day depends of your site and any content.


Specify ALT and TITLE attribute on tags <a> & <img>

Your links and images should have attributes mentioned above with good description. This is also other small seo approach.


Check your competitors - be aware of duplicates

Do not copy !!! Google doesn't like same content from other pages on your site. You can watch their approach and learn how they do things but be original.


Pay per click - bring more visitors

If you have money for promoting your website, you can also use Google Adwords to increase visiting your site. 


SEO are little pieces - there is no just one thing which you can do. All topics above include SEO and the best way is to do combination of them. 

BE PATIENT !!! Usually it takes 1 year to see effect of it.

Create a dynamic website using Drupal framework easily. At the end of the tutorial on our website you will be able to create professional business presentations with applying SEO Drupal modules, with the implementation of your own Drupal themes and own Drupal module. The tutorial takes less than 2 hours and is absolutely free. In the "Download" section you will find free materials that can be used as well.

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