How to fix WampServer if localhost is not working

This short tutorial is about how to change default port: 80 on WampServer to different one - for example: 8080.

My experience is that if I have installed for example Skype, default port: 80 Skype using by default.

There are many others programs which can also use this port.

If you run http://localhost after fresh new installation of your WampServer and you don't see main window as is bellow, than you can do some steps.

WampServer - fix port 80


1. Check if your WampServer is running.

WampServer - check if running

2. If first choice didn't help, you can try to change port.

Today is current version of apache 2.4.9 which take care of running php and we need to change config of apache in this location:


File which we are interested in is: httpd.conf

You can download updated file here for apache 2.4.9: download>>

If your version of apache is different, open file httpd.conf with any text editor and find line #Listen

For me it's line 61.

We need to change next 2 lines - 62 and 63.

Instead of port: 80 change it to port: 8080

So you should have it like this:


Listen [::0]:8080

Now save file and restart your WampServer.

WampServer - restart services

Type into your browser http://localhost:8080 instead of http://localhost and you should be good to go.


My wamp run correct but unfortunately when I run PHP file it doesn't run and it's say's Not found please help me thanks

First at all run any browser and type into address bar http://localhost. You should see your the WampServer main page . If not try to reinstall or try to install it on other PC. Go to folder where you have installed WampServer. Usually it is c:\wamp\www. Create new folder "test" and there create file with extension .php for example myfile.php Open it with any editor and write there: Save it and open it in browser like this: http://localhost/test/myfile.php P.S.: make sure that in your browser you are using "slash" / instead "backslash" \


Worked For me .


Worked with me!

There was a slight difference in the wampmanager file

Type: item; Caption: "Test Port 80"; Action: run; FileName: ......

You are a life saver! Worked beautifully and so simply. I have been trying for hours with other explanations, but yours was simple and easy to follow. Thank you!

glad to hear that - thanks for your response ;)

When i installed it for the first time it was working fine but after replacing file you gave its showing 404 error. could u help me out here.

Do you have backup? If not check version of your WampServer and download it and reinstall. My file is maybe not up to date. And you need to change only lines which I mentioned in article. Also you can try CodeComparer project which is free and you can try compare content of both files and see differences.

Thanks. I followed the steps and my wamp worked

Thanks for sharing your success ;)

Worked for me too. Thank You.

THIS IS direct and straight to solution..... so distinct and helpful... thank you

it's really helpful for me; thanks a lot

Thank you so much!!!!!!

Thanks worked for me.

Thank you very kindly. Worked like charm

I used all possible method found on internet and it still does not work

Thank you, but i wanna change the http://localhost:8080?

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