Views, Chaos Tools Suite, Devel generate & Colorbox

"Views" Drupal module is the most widely used and probably the most complex module. In our Drupal project we use it to create a block with news and to create photo galleries.

We downloaded "Chaos Tools Suite" because "Views" module requires it in order to function correctly. Some modules have so called dependences, which means that they use functionality of other modules and therefore without their implementation it is not possible to turn on the module with such dependence.

"Devel generate" is used to create test data, which speeds up our development.

"Colorbox" module for Drupal will be used for dynamic zoom effects and images in our gallery.


Create a dynamic website using Drupal framework easily. At the end of the tutorial on our website you will be able to create professional business presentations with applying SEO Drupal modules, with the implementation of your own Drupal themes and own Drupal module. The tutorial takes less than 2 hours and is absolutely free. In the "Download" section you will find free materials that can be used as well.

Comments And Feedback

  • Using the instructions on this page, I learned very quickly how to create a presentation site for my company using Drupal framework.

    Andreas Petikani
  • As a beginner I didnĀ“t know where can I start to learn Drupal until I found this site where I found the answer to the question how to create your own Drupal theme or Drupal module. thanks

    Evelyn Stayers
  • Many thanks for the Drupal manual, I've read several articles about Drupal and I looked at Drupal tutorials on youtube, but none of them provided such a complex example.

    Terence Pavelkov
This tutorial is currently built on Drupal version 7 system. With incoming version 8, we are already preparing further guidance to ensure the timeliness of the information on the site. We try to avoid unnecessary theory and we focus on the explanation of terms such as Drupal theming and creating of Drupal modules on practical examples to increase the effectiveness of use.